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About Us

Why did we start Gadgetshack.com?

Gadgetshack.com was started in 1999, right around the time that big box stores started gobbling up the Mom & Pop electronic shops in the United States. We had a mission:  provide awesome products that people want but that don't always get a lot of shelf time in the national chains, and provide the kind of quality customer experience you got when you went to those Mom & Pop stores.

We're experts on wireless products, specifically wireless doorbells, wireless driveway alarms, and wireless intercom systems.  While your local store may have one or two types of products, we try to provide you a great selection of products we've personally tested and we know that work.

We've served over 50,000 customers and we're ready to help you!

Our Team of Experts: Service and Knowledge

We're a dedicated team of four: feel free to call and ask for Devin, Thomas, Simon, or Dave. We'll find you the best product at the best price to fit your needs. Interested in how a wireless driveway alarm might work with a sensor at the bottom of a hill? We've tested that and can tell you all about it.  Want to know which doorbell sounds the best at max volume? We've lined them up and tried them out. 

We ship everything out of our warehouse here in Seattle and will personally pack and ship your product, usually the same day you place the order. We offer quick ship options for those that need their product as quickly as possible.  Each product ships via UPS and might even have a little dog slobber from our office dog Hurley on your box. Even our office dog knows great wireless products are worth drooling over!


Our Promise of Quality

We promise you great service and the personal touch of a small business every time you call us, before and after a sale.  We thank you for choosing to support our small business and we look forward to helping you find the best solution to all your wireless needs.