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Guardline Outdoor Motion Alert & Driveway Alarm

Item #GL2000
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  • Long Range Up to 500 ft from motion sensor to wireless receiver (range will be affected by walls, trees, etc.)

  • Easy installation Quick Start Guide will help you set up in minutes.

  • Extra loud, adjustable volume. Over 30 quality ring tones to choose from! 

  • Expandable An unlimited number of extra sensors or receivers can be added to give you complete coverage of your home or business. 

  • Awesome Tech Support. Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

More About The Guardline 500 ft Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm

The Guardline Driveway Alarm can run on batteries as well as on the included AC adapter. The sleek and compact receiver is simple to program and utilizes a tone-rich chime and flashing LED lights when a sensor is tripped. The outdoor motion detector's infrared sensor come with protective coverings to protect it from the elements and an easy-mount bracket. Each set includes one motion sensor and one receiver, but an unlimited number of additional sensors or receivers can be purchased and added, offering you complete coverage for your home, business, driveway, gate, and property. 

How it works: Set-up is easy--insert batteries, press the Learn button on the receiver, pick a tune, and trigger the sensor. When a person or a car passes nearby, their heat triggers the sensor, which will then communicate to the receiver. Your receiver will play the tone and light up the zone you assigned, letting you know someone has passed near your sensor. This system has some of the most customizable setting options, allowing you to adjust it to fit your needs.  You can adjust the delay, volume, sensitivity, number of units, tones, zones, and more. Please see Features & Specs for more information.

Important: Although line-of-sight is not required, the maximum range is based on optimal conditions with minimal interference. Wireless range is affected by objects such as walls, trees, electronics etc. Actual range may vary, depending on environment. It is recommended that dipswitches are left as-is until after the intial set-up.

  • Sensor Type: Passive Infrared (picks up heat movement).
  • Sensor Range: Sensor detection up to 40 ft.
  • Sensor to Receiver Range: Maximum 1000 ft.
  • Zones: Program up to 4 different zones; allows you to distinguish which sensor was triggered and prevent interference. Supports 4 sensors on each zone.
  • Tones: 30 different tunes and adjustable LOUD volume.
  • Lights: Flashing number for each zone and low battery lights.
  • Delay: Adjustable--length between triggers, between sensor being triggered and receiver alerting. Also possible to set it to sleep mode.
  • Weather: Operating temperature range: -4 degrees to 140 degrees F. Sensors are weatherproof and include a hood for further protection against the elements.
  • Mounting: Sensor can mount to posts, walls, fences, and trees with included mounting hardware. Receiver sits on countertop.
  • Expandability: Can support up to 16 sensors and unlimited receivers in one system. Place different receivers throughout your home.
  • Frequency: 914.8 MHz.
  • Field of vision of the sensor: 12 to 15 degree viewing radius, up to 40 ft. distance.
  • Relay: Has powered 12 volt relay.
  • Warranty: Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty Awesome US technical support.
  • Power: Sensor 4 AA batteries; Receiver 12V adapter or 4 AAA batteries. Has a power-saving mode, which makes sensor-only sensitive in low lighting.
  • Dimensions: Sensor (with shield) 3.25" x 5.5" x 4". Receiver 5.5" x 5.5" x 4".
  • Includes: 1 sensor, 1 receiver, 1 12V AC adapter, 1 sun shield, mounting hardware.
Guardline Security Driveway Alarm Instructional Video - Pairing your Receiver and Sensor (01:43)
This is a short instructional video that goes over the pairing of your Guardline Security Wireless Driveway Alarm receiver and sensor. The Guardline Security Wireless Driveway Alarm Set consists of a receiver and a sensor. This system is customizable to your preferences, allowing for changes to be made to melody, zone designation, maximum sensor depth, interval timer, power saving mode, speed threshold, alert delay and more. Guardline Security Driveway Alarm: http://www.gadgetshack.com/all-categories/wireless-driveway-alarms/guardline-1000-ft-range-wireless-driveway-alarm-set.html#.VjOzw7erSUk The pairing process is as follows: 1. Put batteries in all devices. We recommend also plugging in the receiver with the included adapter. 2. Turn your receiver on and place it into learn mode by holding down the "Learn/Next" button for three seconds after which zone 1 will begin flashing. 3. If you are using a zone other than zone 1, press the "Learn/Next" button until you arrive at the zone you wish to program. 4. Once you are on the zone you wish to program, press "Melody" to select the melody that you wish to be played when the sensor is triggered. Stop on the desired melody. 5. After your melody is selected, wave your hand in front of the sensor or press the button on the doorbell to pair it with the selected zone on your receiver. You will hear a beep to confirm that the sensor was paired. 6. Congrats! Now your sensor is paired to your receiver. Any time the sensor is triggered, it will now activate the receiver and play your selected melody. Please share any comments or questions with us below in the comments field.
  • Guardline Secu...
    This is a short instructional video that goes over the pairing...

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  1. So far so good 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Oct 2016

    I first bought the chamberlain and had a huge problem with spiders always making webs in the opening on the motion detector. So I tried this one, and after a few weeks, no problem. I did not put the sun shade on it and I took the Little snap on piece over the eye to eliminate any place for spiders to crawl into. I get false alarms every day at the same time probably when the sun hits it, but I can put up with that, at least no spiders.

  2. Driveway Alarm 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2016

    Very pleased with product. It is exactly as expected.

  3. Excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Apr 2016

    Purchased GL2000 with an extra sensor and set them up running the length on either side of my Koi pond and attached the receiver to the bedroom windowsill using double backed tape. The pond is routinely visited by a big raccoon in the early morning hours, no more sleeping with one eye opened, problem solved! This is an exceptional piece of equipment! Folks might want to consider this unit to catch two legged miscreants in the act of coming on their property before they can do any damage.

  4. Does the job!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Nov 2015

    To thwart would be thieves and alert me to those entering our backyard, I installed this device. It works exactly as designed. Option for extra sensors is ideal, volume control is an excellent option.
    With outdoor cats going back and forth, the system is set not to sense them, and they have not set off the alert. It catches every vehicle or person passing the sensor.
    I have posted the site on our nextdoor web site for others to view and order.
    Read instructions and decided the default settings worked for my use, and it hasn't let me down yet. Battery backup is also a very good option.

  5. It Works 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2015

    I've only had this sensor up for about a week, but so far, it's working as advertised. Movement in and out of my drive is detected overtime. Both receivers, placed in two locations within my two story house, react with each entry/exit. At this point, the unit has only operated in warm climate, but based on everything so far, I plan on adding additional sensors in the near future to cover other areas within my property. I would recommend this product at this juncture.

  6. First few days have been great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Feb 2015

    I replaced a cheap driveway alarm with this one. It's so great to not have all those false alarms! After using it for 5 days I'm very, very, happy with it. The alarm is 150' from my metal shop building, the receiver is inside. First try, it would not receive the signal, the metal siding was blocking it. I couldn't find the antenna to extend outside like I did with my old one, so I just wrapped small insulated 20 gauge wire around the whole unit about 5 times, tie wrapped them together, then ran the other end of the wire out a 3/16" hole in the siding. The Receiver is just inside. I let about 6" of wire hang out the hole and the reception is great! FYI the length of wire hanging outside needs to be tuned to the frequency more or less, so longer may not work better. Think about the old cell phone antennas, not CB antenna length. You can push or pull the wire in and out to test for best reception, then seal the hole.
    I like the choice of tunes and volume adjustment. I'm buying a second Receiver to put in my house.

  7. The best driveway alarm 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Nov 2014

    I've tried at least a half dozen driveway alarms and this one is, far and away, the most reliable and highest quality. I've owned mine for over six months and am really happy with my purchase.

  8. From Chico, CA 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jul 2014

    This driveway alarm works great! The range is better than other models I’ve tried and very few false alarms. I’d highly recommend this product.

  9. From Omaha, NB 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jul 2014

    Just got in my driveway alarm and set it up with two extra sensors around my property. Unlike a lot of driveway alarms I’ve tried, this one had no false alarms which is really impressive. So far so good!

  10. Great driveway sensor 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2014

    I've been using this product for two months. Works as advertised. I've tried about 5 diff brands and the Guardline is the most reliable. Really loud, too.

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