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Dakota Alert 4-Mile MURS Underground Probe Sensor and Radio Set

Item #DK2008
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  • Our longest wireless driveway alarm range of 4 miles*

  • Rechargable hand held radio is heavy duty, portable, and easily programmed to the sensor

  • The sensor only detects metal, meaning no false alarms from animals, movement, or heat

  • Receiver is easily networked with an unlimited number of Held Radios or Intercom Base Stations.  

  • Receiver can double as an intercom, if you have two receivers


More About the 4 Mile Driveway Alarm with Underground Probe and Hand Held Radio
Our longest ranged electronic probe is an extremely reliable driveway alarm that is used to detect vehicles only. The transmitter operates on 4 "1111A" batteries and has 50 feet of direct burial wire connecting the probe to the exterior case. The probe is buried parallel to (not across) the driveway and will detect vehicles passing by within approximately 10-12 feet. The wireless probe driveway alarm is the most reliable driveway alarm we carry and is ideal for locations where there may be deer or other large animals that would cause false signals with other driveway alarms or motion detecting systems. Also, because the probe is buried underground, it will be the least noticeable of all our wireless alert systems. The MURS Alert will give you real time monitoring of remote locations up to four miles away (actual range will vary depending on the local terrain). The MURS Alert has many different applications; it can be used by security guards, small businesses, or home users - any scenario that requires immediate notification when someone or something enters a monitored location. Authorized by the FCC, MURS is a license free service that allows the user to transmit voice and data. MURS also allows communication between the receivers; a maximum of 2 watts of output power. This means greater range than other license free radio services.

How it works: Jsut provide power, select a channel and bury probe about 1 foot. When a car drives within 12 feet of the probe, it will send a signal to the receiver which will notify you with "alert zone" and the zone number associated with the sensor. Please see Features & Specs for more information.

Important: Although line of sight is not required, the maximum range is based on optimal conditions with minimal interference. Wireless range is affected by objects such as walls, trees, electronics etc. Actual range may vary, depending on environment.

  • Sensor type: Metal detecting underground probe
  • Range: Sensor= 10-12 feet. Sensor to receiver= Maximum of 4 Miles
  • Zones: Program up to 5 different channels; allows you to distinguish which sensor was triggered and prevent interference.
  • Tones: udibly says "Alert zone one" or "two" etc. and adjustable volume
  • Compatibility: all MURS- handheld radios, driveway alarm- motion sensor and probe, indoor and out door call boxes, and the PS system
  • Weather:Sensors are weather proof, operating range of -30 to 120 Degrees F
  • Mounting: Transmitter should be mounted on a wall, post, or tree, probe should be buried along side the driveway about a foot deep, and receiver is designed to carried around, on your belt loop or use wrist wrap
  • Expandability: Unlimited receivers and transmitters.Coding can be changed to reduce interference and different buttons can be paired with different tones on separate zones.
  • Frequency: 151.82-154.60 MHz
  • Warranty:1 year manufacturer warranty and tech support
  • Power: Sensor- CR123A batteries. Receiver- rechargeable Li-Ion batteryr
  • Dimension:Probe- 12" long x 1.25" diameter Transmitter- 6" x 3" x 7" Receiver- 2.5" x 1.25" x .75"
  • Include 1- sensor, 1- transmitter, 1- cable, 1- receiver, 1- recharging station, batteries, rechargeable batteries, 1- belt clip, 1- wrist wrap
  • Other: Please see 4-Mile Range intercom for more hand-held radio capabilities.

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  1. A must have product for the property owner 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Sep 2016

    I have owned this product for three years now, my driveway is 1000 feet away from my home which winds through my heavily wooded property. I have caught many intruders with this great product! I highly recommend mounting the transmitter in a small plastic electrical box that can be found at your local home improvement store to provide protection against the elements and to hide it as well. Just drill a small hole in the top of the plastic electrical box for the receiver antenna and notch the front of the electrical box cover for clearance of the probe transceiver wire to exit plastic electrical box. Drill a 1/8 inch hole in the bottom of the plastic electoral box for air circulation and to reduce condensation. Also, you can camo the plastic electoral box to hide it from people. Great product!

  2. From OH 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Aug 2014

    I had problems with trespassers on property. You could not always hear the cars coming in. I put this system up and now I "show up" when they are trespassing. Since installation, the "visitors" have stopped coming. My house and alarm are approx. 2 miles apart with very minimal obstructions and works fine. Even when down in the lower woods, the signal is picked up. Only setback is when we have a storm with lightning, the alarm goes off with each lightning strike...which drains the batteries. But I LOVE IT and will be purchasing another.

  3. From US 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Aug 2014

    I expected it to have a chime instead of the "Alert Zone One".

    Also Would like to have a 15/30/45/or 60 minute silence button then auto revert back to alert mode like other units have. Other then that I like the unit.

  4. From US 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Aug 2014

    I like the system except that I thought the alarm would be a doorbell sound rather than "ALERT ZONE ONE".