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Dakota Alert 2500 ft. Range Doorbell Combo

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  • Long range- 2500 ft from sensor/doorbell to receiver.

  • Doorbell and Driveway Alarm in one convenient bundle!

  • Reminder beep to let you know someone came by while you were away.

  • Sensor has 50 foot detection range, picks up people and vehicles, but can ignore small animals.

  • Microprocessor code-learning technology eliminates false alarms, receiver responds only to motion sensors assigned to it.

More About the 2500 ft Range Doorbell Combo

The Dakota Alert 2500 ft.* Range Doorbell Combo is a driveway monitor and doorbell in one bundle! The driveway sensor detects and reports human or vehicle motion near any security-sensitive location, and the doorbell easily mounts outside. This remarkable outdoor motion detector and doorbell system is perfect for extra-long-range areas and can also be used to monitor boats, RVs, trucks, mailboxes and much more.

The Dakota Alert Doorbell Combo includes one motion sensor, one doorbell, and one receiver. This system is compatible with our 2500 ft. Infrared Motion Sensor as well as our 2500 ft. Probe Sensor. You can also purchase an unlimited number of additional 2500 ft. receivers and set the motion sensor to alert multiple receivers simultaneously. Do not settle for lesser-quality imitation driveway alarms and doorbells.

How it works: Supply power to the devices, match coding and mount. When a person or a car passes by the sensor, their heat triggers the sensor which will then communicate to the receiver. Your receiver will play the tone and light up the zone you assigned, letting you know someone has passed by your sensor. The doorbell sets up just as easily and works at the push of a button. The 12 volt relay allows you to have additional bells or sirens and can be programmed to have an output duration of up to 10 minutes. The five minute delay temporarily pauses the receiver, allowing you to slip out of the house without waking your housemates. Set the reminder beep to notify you if someone was there while you were away. Sensor has adjustable detection range, as well as light option.  Please see Features & Specs for more information.

Important: Although line-of-sight is not required, the maximum range is based on optimal conditions with minimal interference. Wireless range is affected by objects such as walls, trees, electronics etc. Actual range may vary, depending on environment.

  • Sensor type: Passive Infrared (heat movement).
  • Range: Sensor adjustable up to 50 ft.
    Sensor/Doorbell to receiver maximum 2500 ft.
  • Zones: Program up to 4 different channels; allows you to distinguish which sensor was triggered and prevent interference.
  • Tones: 4 tones: classical, Westminster, ding dong and whistle; adjustable volume; optional reminder beep.
  • Lights: Flashing lights on receiver let you know which zone was triggered. Optional light on sensor lights up when motion is detected.
  • Weather: Sensors are weatherproof, operating range of -30 to 120 degrees F.
  • Mounting: Sensor should be mounted on a wall, post, or tree, and receiver should be mounted on a wall with screws or a strong adhesive. Doorbell should be mounted in desired location near front door.
  • Expandability: Unlimited number of receivers, doorbells, and transmitters. Coding can be changed to reduce interference and different buttons can be paired with different tones on separate zones.
  • Compatibility: Dakota Alert 2500 Series (2500 ft range) receiver and motion sensor.
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz.
  • Relay: Powered 12V relay, supports external bells, sirens, strobes, etc.
  • Warranty:1 year Manufacturer's Warranty and tech support.
  • Power: Sensor 1 9V battery.
    Receiver 12V adapter.
    Doorbell 1 CR2 battery
  • Dimensions: Sensor 4.5" x 3" x 2.25"
    Receiver 6" x 1.5" x 4".
    Doorbell 3.25" x 2" x 1"
  • Includes:1 sensor, 1 doorbell, 1 receiver, 1 12V AC adapter.
Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm - Setup Tutorial (05:18)
This is a short instructional video that goes over the set up and basic functions of your Dakota Alert Wireless Driveway Alarm transmitter and receiver. Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm: http://www.gadgetshack.com/all-categories/wireless-driveway-alarms/2500-ft-range-deluxe-driveway-alarm.html#.Vkpa5narSUk Included in the box: - (2) User's Manuals - (1) Receiver - (1) Power adapter for receiver - (1) Transmitter - (2) Mounts: (1) Plate mount and (1) Swivel Mount - (1) set of screws for mount The Dakota Alert driveway alarm should already be paired when it arrives. If you want to change the channel (or need to change it due to interference with other devices) you can do so by adjusting the dip switches. Dip switches 1-8 can be arranged in any configuration you choose so long as they are the same for the receiver and sensor. Each of the 4 zones has it's own chime. If you want to change the chime for your sensor, you will also change the zone that it appears on. To change the zone/chime, you simple need to adjust dip switches 9 and 10 on the sensor. The Zone/chime dip switch settings are below. Zone 1 - Classical Chime - Dip switch 9 "on", 10 "on" Zone 2 - Westminster Chime - Dip switch 9 "off", 10 "on" Zone 3 - Ding Dong Chime - Dip switch 9 "on, 10 "off" Zone 4 - Whistle Chime - Dip switch 9 "off", 10 "off" Please share any comments or questions with us below in the comments field. Thanks for watching!
  • Dakota Alert D...
    This is a short instructional video that goes over the set up ...

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  1. Super reliable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Nov 2015

    The motion sensor has never given me a false alert, and the doorbell does its job too. Nice to get in it in one package!