Elderly Care: Emergency Dialer

"I've fallen… and I can't get up!" became a catchphrase in the late 1980s, but for people who are taking care of loved ones with special needs, it is much more than a saying. It is common to worry you will not be around if your relatives become injured or need assistance. With the price of in-house caregivers and retirement communities increasing, people are taking on the responsibility of home care themselves. Unfortunately, when a loved one needs special attention, even daily activities become a problem to schedule. And, when you are on a tight budget, affording to have a service monitor them can be difficult. This is where products like the Portable Personal Emergency Dialer Intercom System can help. This system connects to your land-line telephone system and, by integrating a wearable pendant, it allows your loved one to call for help at a push of a button. The Portable Personal Emergency Dialer Intercom System can be programmed with up to 4 emergency numbers. When the unit is activated, the first number is dialed from the pendant using a home telephone line. If there is no connection (no answer or busy signal), the unit will automatically contact the second, third and/or fourth numbers until a connection is made with someone on the other end. If the unit reaches an answering machine, simply activate the unit a second time to skip to the next programmed number. Best of all, units like the Portable Personal Emergency Dialer Intercom System do not require fees for set up or monitoring. You do not need to pay a service to wait for the call because you are monitoring the system yourself. This system allows you to communicate with your loved one to decide whether you can provide personal assistance or, in an emergency, let you make the decision to alert professional aid. When it comes to specialized, personal care, the hope is you never receive a call that says "I've fallen… and I can't get up!". With our Portable Personal Emergency Dialer Intercom System, you will have the piece of mind knowing you have a system in place if this important call happens.