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What Interferes with Wireless Transmissions?

What interferes with wireless transmissions?We here at Gadgetshack sell a lot of wireless products. Customers often call and ask why wireless products can have no problem transmitting up to a quarter mile, but have trouble transmitting through a wall or home. We thought we’d take some time and share what we’ve learned over the years [...]

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A comprehensive guide to buying your first driveway alarm.

Introduction A driveway alarm has a straightforward purpose: to audibly alert you when a car or person has entered your property. The alarm performs this function using two products: a sensor and a receiver. Not all sensors and receivers are created equal, so it’s important to pay attention to the technical details of each driveway alarm [...]

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Welcome to the NEW Gadgetshack.com!

Gadgetshack.com has gone through a major renovation over the last 6 months. First we started with a design change, incorporating our brand new logo and new structure to make your shopping experiences better. Then we moved to a faster, more feature-rich platform. Here are a few questions about the new website and some of the features [...]

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