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Welcome to the NEW Gadgetshack.com!

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Gadgetshack.com has gone through a major renovation over the last 6 months. First we started with a design change, incorporating our brand new logo and new structure to make your shopping experiences better. Then we moved to a faster, more feature-rich platform. Here are a few questions about the new website and some of the features you may not be aware of.

Your system is asking me to create an account: why?

You'll be able to log in using your email, pull up your order history and make sure you get the product you want.  We've even added a "reorder" feature, allowing you to skip right to checkout when ordering the same products as a previous order. If you are a contractor picking up a wireless doorbell for a customer and they give you a call in six months asking to have you get them an extra receiver or new doorbell, your account will be on file.

We do not keep payment information on file, just your order history.

Why do all the reviews say they were posted on the same day?

We wanted to bring you all the great feedback from over 12 years as a store selling proven products that people love. When we changed systems, we weren't able to port over the old customer feedback, but still wanted to make sure you could read what other people thought of their experience with different wireless intercom systems or driveway alarms.

What do I get if I sign up for your email list?

We will send out periodical updates with sales opportunities or the launch of new products.  Recently we've sent emails out about our new Guardline Driveway Alarm because we thought it would be a great way for people to upgrade from the Intermediate Driveway Alarm.  We promise not to spam you, but we appreciate your spending money with a small business and want to keep you up-to-date.

What if I placed an order before you moved or need to return something?

We have all our customer information going back over a year.  We'll still be honoring returns and exchanges, and always be able to issue refunds or assist you in any way.