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Meet the Team - Team GadgetShack

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Meet the Team

Team Gadgetshack (that’s us) is composed of 4 brilliant individuals. These are the men and women who fulfill your order, answer your calls, and pack your shipments. We don’t believe in hiring robots to answer our phones for us, so if you’ve dropped a line, you’ve heard our customer service in action!

David S.

Dave has been running Gadgetshack since the dawn of time.

Conor H.

Shipping and Warehouse Management

“Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing” - Rob Swanson

The behind-the-scenes maestro, this man oversees everything that comes and goes though our warehouse door. For 5 years, inventory control, shipping, and order/return fulfillment have all gone through this man! I’m sure you’ve heard of us refer to him as our ‘shipping expert’ - a title rightfully earned. There’s another title he’s earned: the 12th man Seahawks fan! Conor helps run the office fantasy football and baseball teams, and never misses a game. With the help of his loving girlfriend, he takes care of his 3 dogs in his home right here in Washington. We asked Conor about some of his favorite things and this is what he had to say:

TGS: So Conor, rattle off some of your favorite things for us. What springs to mind?

Conor: Well, apart from my girlfriend and our dogs, it’d have to be Peanut M&M’s, a couple of reality TV shows, and the Seahawks! Go Hawks!

TGS: Now, for the other side of the coin: What would be your least favorite thing to see as you go down the street?

Conor: People who text and drive! I can’t stand to see them. Actually, on that topic of things I can’t stand- Marshall Faulk! People give him way too much credit. And gummy bears are not doing your taste buds a favor. Did I mention Peanut M&M’s are the choice candy for the entire world? Because they are.

TGS: Thank you for your time Conor. Go Hawks!


The Library of Gadgetshack

Ah, Stephanie. With her, no mistake escapes! For a full year now, she has been our order gatekeeper. Nothing is placed without her, and manufacturers rely on her as their contact for business. In her year of working here, Stephanie has compiled an encyclopedic knowledge of our inventory! She has organized and categorized our entire inventory, and knows our products better than anyone. Her important job is owed to her impressive resume: several degrees with a master’s on the way, Stephanie is a powerhouse of information and fact checking. While she’s a bit camera shy to appear for an interview, it doesn’t stop her from enjoying life outside of the office. She goes rafting, paddle boarding, painting, glass blowing, and cake decorating. While she loves the office dogs, her pets of choice are bearded dragons and snakes. She’s all about the reptiles!

Kevin Piette

Gadgetshack Wizard

Team Gadgetshack wants to welcome its newest member, Kevin. The youngest employee, Kevin has a lot to learn about running a lean, orange, driveway alarm machine. Thankfully, a few short months was all it took to get him up to speed, and now he’s working alongside his coworkers smoothly and efficiently. Any order packed and shipped was processed at his desk, and he’s also responsible for the social media activity. In addition, he’s writing the blog posts, designing banner ads and other content right here in-house, and he fields every single phone call! Kevin is currently attending college and spends most of his time with his girlfriend. He enjoys cars, technology, music, photography, digital media and home cooked meals.



Hurley is our beloved labrador. Cared for by Dave, Hurley has a sweet face, a loving personality, and a strong bark for strangers. All of these traits pale in comparison to Hurley’s devotion to the Church of Ball Throwing, which he pays respects to every day by playing with his ball. If you ever see a tooth mark on your package, you can blame Hurley. Kevin is most definitely not chewing on the packages--or so he tells us.


Papa Grizzly

Meet Flip, Conor’s trusty sidekick in the warehouse. He’s a bit older than Hurley, so he’s got a dignified air about him. He loves a good pet, and will happily chase after treats or the smell of food. Thankfully, he’s well trained. He is the master of treat munching. Some of his favorite spots are near Stephanie's desk, and right next to Conor!