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The 2500 Deluxe- A brief breakdown

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The Deluxe Driveway Alarm by Dakota Alert

We here at the Gadgetshack office really love the 2500 series Deluxe Driveway Alarm for a number of reasons, and this article will dive into what makes this product a great buy, and the features that give it great value.

So let’s talk technical details. The Dakota Alert Deluxe Driveway Alarm has some impressive specs for its price point, with its biggest number being the transmission range- 2500 feet! That’s just under half a mile! This gives you lots of flexibility in where you put your sensors and receivers, which is a big reason why people pick up this system.

In addition, the Deluxe boasts these numbers as well:

Sensor Detection RangePeople: 50 feet | Vehicles: 80 feet
Sensor TypeInfrared, motion
Sensor Weather Resistance-30 to 120 degrees F. operating temperature, with UV resistant plastic and a rubber gasket to keep moisture out.
Sensor SizeCompact, measures 4.5” x 3”x 2.25”
Receiver 12v RelayThe receiver comes with a N/C (normally closed) relay that can power a basic attachment such as a ringing bell or siren. Some customers have their own alarms they have wired into the 12v relay; it’s a flexible system!
Warranty 1 year including a year of technical support.

In addition to having a lot of flexibility in sensors placement, there is no limit to the number of sensors or receivers your system can support! You can use all of our 2500 series alarm products at the same time, ensuring you have 100% coverage.

So, what have we learned?

The Deluxe System is a powerhouse of value. You can connect as many sensors as you like to the same receiver, and each sensor can cover a whopping 50-80 feet of land. If you’d like to expand your sensor array to include some of our other 2500 Series sensors, you can do that with no additional assembly or setup. The Deluxe sensor can function in nearly any weather conditions found in the US, with many steps taken to keep that sensor functioning no matter what nature throws at it. On top of that, the Deluxe sensor is small, discreet, and even easy to orient where you need it, making the process a simple one from the time you open the box until it’s all finished.

Give us a call with any questions you might have about our excellent line of 2500 Series products.