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The Halloween 666 Sale

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How exciting! The pumpkins are carved, the candles are lit, and the little ghouls of parents everywhere are roaming the streets for delicious candy. That means you can expect a number of little tykes (and their parents too!) romping around your property looking for tricks and treats. Thankfully, Gadgetshack has the tools you need to have a safe Halloween. With Halloween just over a week away, it’s time to buy and configure your driveway alarms for the rush of little ghouls and goblins who will be on your property--never miss a trick-or-treater again.

First, let’s take a look at our driveway alarms. Since there will be so much foot traffic on the night of Halloween, you will receive many alerts. On this subject, people tend to believe in one of two schools of thought.

The first is, keep the alarm on. The little knuckles of children will probably not make an audible knock on the door, and if you have a long driveway, you’d probably want to be ready for the kids to arrive. You can even put on a costume of your own to get a jump on the parents!

Second, If you’d rather keep an eye out for kids the old fashioned way, you can turn off your alarm or even set it to Visitor mode, where it will not beep for an hour or two. Check your manual to see how to perform this task. This way, each group of trick-or-treaters will not set off half a dozen alarms. In case you’re worried about security, we took the liberty of researching a little bit about crime rates during Halloween. We found after a bit of digging that crime rates do not spike on Halloween, as long as you follow common Halloween safety steps such as the ones listed on the National Crime Prevention website! (Link below)

No matter what you do with your alarm, consider investing in a Mr. Beams outdoor light! With a long battery life, easy installation, and bright light, no child will have to traverse a dark path. This can help parents feel better about their kids exploring your front steps, especially if you have spooky Halloween decorations dotting the path!

That’s why we’re launching a coupon for all Gadgetshack orders. Simply use the code HALLOWEEN at checkout to save a spooky $6.66 off your order! If you pick up a Mr. Beams spotlight, this translates into 33% savings!

National Crime Prevention Halloween safety tips: http://www.ncpc.org/programs/crime-prevention-month/crime-prevention-month-and-halloween