Sensor Plug Motion Sensing Outlet

Sensor Plug Motion Sensing Outlet

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Sensor Plug Motion Sensing Outlet

The Sensor Plug Motion-Sensing Outlet is a passive infrared motion sensor that is triggered when motion is detected, instantly turning on a light or an appliance such as a fan, light, or radio. The Sensor Plug plugs right into a wall outlet so there is no need for wiring. Simply plug it in and you’re done!

The passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor used in this product offers the convenience of controlling many household electrical products by motion. In the "L" position, the device plugged into the Sensor Plug's outlet will turn ON when motion is detected and the ambient light level is low. In the "O" position the Sensor Plug’s outlet is energized whenever motion is detected regardless of the ambient light level.

The PIR activates the Sensor Plug’s outlet when motion is detected and keeps devices ON for a pre-selected time based on the timer position. The timer resets to zero every time motion is detected within the time interval set by the timer, allowing you to keep electrical devices ON for as long as a room is occupied and motion is detected. Power to the Sensor Plug's outlet automatically turns OFF after the pre-selected time set by the timer if no motion is detected.

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Motion Detector Features

  • Set timer to desired ON time anywhere between 2 and 6 minutes.
  • Extremely easy to use and install.
  • Voltage rating: 110 – 120 volt 60 Hz AC. Load: 5 to 500 Watts.
  • Senses 160° up to 25 feet away!
  • Timer resets to zero every time motion is detected.
  • Low standby power consumption (between 26 to 29 mA or approximately 3 watts)
  • Can be secured to the wall plate (securing screw included).
  • Circuit protected by easy to replace fuse (spare fuse included).
  • Plug-in design eliminates electrical wiring.
  • Complete one-year warranty and toll-free tech support.
  • Average rating is 3.3
    By:  A.A. Juhasz
    Joppa,  MD
    Product works but there are some Oh-Ohs. The unit has an L (light) and an O (other) setting. When plugging in the unit in the L mode,  the device does not work to control turning the light on. You FIRST need to set it to the O setting and back to L,  then it works OK. You need to do this every time you disconnect the unit and reconnect to the power source. Now,  if only the accompanying instructions had said something about this.... well,  anyway,  it works but I did have some anxious moments at first. It’s a great idea,  though,  let’s not give up on it.
    By:  Rita Waenink
    Surrey BC Canada
    Cost of item was $ 29.00 plus $19.00 shipping = $48.00 US

    $52.29 Canadian

    UPS charge $ 20.49 for a total $ 72.78 Can. To costly? at that rate. Item works fine. Thank you.
    By:  Jim Futcher
    Works allright,  but the size of the motion sensor could be narrowed down. It comes on too often.