Choosing a Multiple Room Intercom System

Having a building with many offices or rooms where intercom-based communication is necessary can be difficult. A wired system is not really an option in many cases, since the wiring is not already in place. Also, a wired intercom can be expensive to install. As an alternative, wireless intercoms can be used, but features meeting all your needs are sometimes hard to find in one system. Our Portable Wireless Intercom system works well for companies that want to communicate with all intercom stations at the same time, or in groups. The stations are also designed in a "push-to-talk / release-to-listen" format which can call all your units at simultaneously. When one intercom responds to a call, a private conversation is created. This system utilizes 4 channels, which allows you to separate intercoms into groups. The drawback is, you cannot call out to a single intercom station unless it is on its own channel. And, this would use one of the four available. Our MURS 4-Mile Range Intercom allows you to individually communicate with more independent stations simultaneously. This product features 5 channels with 38 sub-channels, giving you a total of 190 separate stations! To call out to an individual intercom, you would select their channel and sub-channel then press the push-to-talk (PTT) button. You may have as many intercoms on a sub-channel as you want, but only the intercoms on that exact sub-channel will respond to the call. Unlike the Portable Wireless Intercom you cannot do an "all call" with the MURS intercoms, meaning the only way to call an intercom is to select its specific channel. Installing a multi-room intercom system does not have to be an expensive or painful experience. When deciding which communication system to install in your building, it is best to weigh the features and pick which are right for you. The biggest difference (beyond range) is their ability to call every unit at once, or contact each unit individually. Once this is determined, installation is easy!