Adding a Public Announcement (PA) Speaker

The hardest step in adding a Public Announcement (PA) Speaker to an existing building is running the wiring. Running wires around your building can be expensive, time consuming and unsightly. A wireless PA system gives you the flexibility to add multiple speakers to large warehouses and outbuildings. Extremely long range products like the MURS Wireless PA give you the ability to install an intercom system and horn without having to worry about interference from buildings and the surrounding environment. These systems also have secure channels and emergency weather broadcast capability, making them perfect for schools, car lots, warehouses, business parks, amusement parks, or just about anywhere that you would need to broadcast a warning or message to the general public. Installing a general broadcast system can increase productivity and cut down on wasted time. Combining a PA speaker with an internal intercom network allows you to immediately contact an individual without having to search for them. Public announcement systems can also be used to replace or compliment an existing bell system rather then running new wiring to an outbuilding. For example, small schools can add wireless speakers when the necessity grows, as they need them. These units are cost efficient, low maintenance, expandable, and dependable. A wireless PA system is the best upgrade for the money.